Giants Causeway – 1 Day Tour

Giants Causeway tour with John

Giants Causeway tour with John

I just did the most incredible tour here – it was a LOOONG day, but well worth it. It starts at 6:30am and that time in Dublin I felt safe walking around and easily found the meet up location. The bus was nice and comfortable, however I would’ve loved to have wifi or a phone plug in on there as I was taking a TON of photos!

John was a lovely tour guide, very informative, friendly as well as funny! I really felt like for what I paid for that tour, I got a lot out of it. The only critism I would have is maybe a touch more time in Belfast as it was only 1.15 hour which is not a ton if you want to do a Titanic musuem tour. Next time I’d do the black cab tour that they offer (it sounds like it’s quite interesting). Lots of time at each other location, though, and lunch was quite good and well organized. You all go together and it’s a set menu and it’s ready upon arrival which is great to make the most out of the day.

Dress warm for the causeway / rope tour. We lucked out as the weather was beautiful but I’d heard from fellow tourists on other tours who had done this particular one that their day was QUITE windy and rainy and not as enjoyable because they hadn’t quite prepared properly for it. Boots and hats etc!

Last minute trip to Giant's Causeway

Last minute trip to Giant’s Causeway

I went last minute with my besties on a trip to the Giant’s Causeway. Didn’t know what to expect. It was an incredible day! Our guide (rockin’) Tony is a great guy, told us lots of great and funny stories on our way. First he brought us to the Dark Edges (Game of Thrones) and after that we drove to Carrick-a-Rede to walk over a rope bridge. Scary as … but in the end we had a lot of fun. It was beautiful!
And after that we went to the Giant’s Causeway. Tony insisted that we had to take the red trail. It was very high but so so nice! Very grateful to have seen such beauty and that i have faced my fear of hights!

Giant's Causeway and Belfast - Jenny and Larry

Giant’s Causeway and Belfast – Jenny and Larry

My girlfriend and I had a fantastic time travelling up to the GiantCauseway and around other various places along the way. We particularly enjoyed the ropebridge; the scenery was fantastic. What made the journey particularly enjoyable was the guide Jenny and the driver Larry who form a very effective twosome. There was a perfect blend of Irish music, jokes and local information between each stop. Couldn’t recommend highly enough. Jenny and Larry, you are legends!

Trip advisor August 2016

Giant's Causeway Trip

Giant’s Causeway Trip

Overall, I would say that the tour was amazing, entertaining and well organised.

Our tour guide Liam, was very informative in regards to the history of Ireland as well as Northern Ireland. We learned so much about local tales/legends and educational topics such as politics, religion etc. Not only that, he also kept us all entertained with his jokes and sense of humour. As we drove through the motorway, he made sure that the music volume wasn’t too loud allowing some passengers to rest which I found considerate.

The trip itself was very long but definitely worth it. The Dark Hedges were good although it would definitely look more eerie during winter. Crossing the rope bridge was adrenaline-inducing. Then we had lunch at the Giant Barn, which I highly recommend. The food were delicious at a reasonable price. Afterwards we headed off to Giants Causeway, which was absolutely beautiful, the sight was quite surreal. We had around 5-10 minutes to take pictures at Dunluce Castle then we went to Belfast. I would say that the time allocation for each area was well-planned and we felt that we didn’t have to rush all the time. We were able to enjoy each area sufficiently.

My boyfriend and I highly recommend this tour company! Especially if the tour guide is Liam.

P.S. It is well appreciated how the buses were air-conditioned especially during a hot day!

Trip advisor July 2016

Giant's Causeway Tour--Excellent Value!

Giant’s Causeway Tour–Excellent Value!

I recently took the Extreme Ireland day tour to the Giants Causeway, which also makes stops at The Dark Hedges, Carrick-a-rede rope bridge, a lovely pub (apparently frequented by the Game of Thrones cast and crew) for lunch, and Belfast on the way back to Dublin. The guide, Jennifer and driver Tim were absolutely fantastic. Jennifer told us stories about the causeway, and spoke eloquently about the history of all of the places we visited, played lots of music, and made us laugh. I felt like I finished the tour with an expanded understanding of Northern Ireland’s history and a great appreciation for the beautiful sites that we saw.

The trip was run extremely well and I felt like we had plenty of time to see everything. I loved that the bus would take us places and we could walk around at our own leisure. It was a great balance of guided and unguided adventure.

I was so glad that I did this day trip. It was really beautiful and the Extreme Ireland staff made everything easy and convenient. I couldn’t have been more pleased! I would take another trip with them in a heartbeat.

Trip Advisor Visited July 2016
Giant's Causeway Day Tour

Giant’s Causeway Day Tour

This was a really awesome tour. I only had one day to explore the countryside and with this tour I was able to see as much as possible. There isn’t only the Giants Causeway to see in northeastern Ireland, but also the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge, the dark hedges, Dunluce castle and Belfast. The time we had at each destination was sufficient, only in Belfast I could have spent well over the 1.5 hrs we had. It was all well planned and the guide told us interesting facts throughout the long drive north.

Trip advisor July 2016

Giant's causeway day trip on 5th June 2016

Giant’s causeway day trip on 5th June 2016

Highly recommend to all. Must see the beautiful cliffs and caves around Rope bridge (I’ve crossed the bridge…), amazing mountain and breathtaking views at Giants causeway and you will see extraordinary tree tunnel from 16th century… Also, we had the best driver in the Ireland. Tony makes funny and relaxing atmosphere in the bus. He speaks very clearly, everyone can understand him. He is a great singer too. We had amazing entertainment with him. My next trip is definitely going to be with him. Because of him me and my daughter had one of the most interesting and beautiful trip ever. Well done and God bless you Tony

Trip advisor June 2016